Cultural Consultancy:

Support the development and monitoring of cultural policies, strategic plans, centre plans and museums projects.

Advice on current regulations and legislation in cultural areas (intellectual property, heritage, etc.

Development of cultural patronage for private companies

Development of cultural sponsorships strategies for private companies.

Diagnosis and localization of agents and cultural events both nationally and internationally.

Definition of Projects


Strategic planning and operational lines, programs, projects or activities, referring the cultural policies and needs of the Institutions.

Development of resources and tools, drafting and evaluation of proposals and grants related with cultural areas, new technologies and innovation.

Development of evaluation and monitoring systems: cultural indicators.

Design communication plans.

Design of financial plans and institutional relationship strategies in the cultural area.


Cultural Production & Coordination


Comprehensive management of exhibitions, concerts and shows, events such as musical, cinematographic, theatrical and artistic ones, from conceptualization, coordination, production, exhibition and distribution.

Planning and management of national and international travelling exhibitions, theatre and music tours, etc. …

Editing and publishing.

Development and instruction of educational trainings and workshops related to cultural projects.