The Museum of Fiction. Matías Umpierrez

Support in the management, fundraising and production of Imperio.

The Museum of Fiction I, Imperio, is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s MacBeth. The piece is produced by Donostia Kultura, Studio Fluorescente and Rolex.

For more than a decade, Matías Umpierrez has been making a name for himself in his native Argentina and beyond with his experimental, “neo-technological” works that combine both the theatrical and the audiovisual. He is an artist whose main goal is to transcend genres while continuously engaging his audience in a dynamic conversation. From 2007 to 2014, Umpierrez was head of the Theatre Department at the University of Buenos Aires’s Rector Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, where he developed, curated and programmed innovative projects. His acclaimed 2013 urban theatre intervention TeatroSOLO (LONEtheater), which actively involves the spectator, was followed by DISTANCIA, a virtual play that challenges the limits of theatre with live performances (via streaming) from Hamburg, Paris, New York and Buenos Aires. In 2014, Umpierrez founded the Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia Europea + América, which he now directs and curates, and also showcased his short film Paisaje (Landscape) as part of the New Directors/New Films programme of the Film Society of Lincoln Center and MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art). In 2015, Umpierrez’s latest urban intervention project, dramaHOME, was a synthesis of different projects he has made.

In 2016 he was choosen as one of the artists within the The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative. The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative was created to assist extraordinary, rising artists to achieve their full potential by pairing them with great masters for a year of creative collaboration. His mentor, Robert Lepage has made his mark as an equally talented theatre, opera and film director, playwright and actor whose multimedia, often-bilingual and avant-garde work has captivated audiences worldwide.


Matías Umpierrez

Spain, 2017